IntelliPax: Your One-Stop Destination to Packaging Solutions

Every product goes through several stages while transportation from the manufacturer to the customer. And that’s where packaging comes into play! Packaging is essential to ensure goods are protected during delivery. Here’s where IntelliPax can help you create the first impression about your business.

IntelliPax works on Crates, Custom Woods Pallets, Custom Foam Packaging, Packaging & Janitorial Supplies and more. Some of the most popular ones are the Custom Wood Crates and Pallets. We are heavily invested in the best tools and equipment to carve out crates specific to your needs. Our team strives hard to offer you, 2D-3D models, to ensure you get what you need! The Pack-Out team offers to visit your facility and pack the product for delivery.

Help your business grow and create the best possible experience for your customers. At IntelliPax, we offer to do corrugated boxes, custom printed tapes, and more. This way, you can have your brand logo inscribed on the packaging. So, be it new moms-turning-entrepreneurs or small business owners, let’s come together. And create the deserving packaging and love for customers!

Here are some hard-hitting facts about packaging:

  • About 50% of consumers will recommend your product if they like the packaging.
  • 55% of people watch unboxing videos before deciding to purchase any product.
  • Over 61% of people state that they will repeat orders if they are satisfied with the packaging.

IntelliPax has a dedicated team of people who truly care about creating an affordable yet quality packaging experience for your business. We care about your business; we care about your products and we care about customers having a satisfying experience. A boast-worthy quality of our business is our craftmanship. Nothing exits the door until we love the product ourselves! We inspect every item before it is delivered to you. Every customer is valuable to us. So, allow us to pamper and bug you till you are satisfied with our product. Our customer-friendly team ensures to analyze your needs and communicate what works the best for you.

Everybody deserves the best packaging. Thus, we cater to:

  • Military Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Food industry
  • And many more

What sets IntelliPax apart from its counterparts?

IntelliPax offers amazing craftmanship customer service. We use only high-quality products and sell them at lower prices making them accessible to everyone. Our skilful team ensures to understand your unique needs and design them for you. Every product is thoroughly checked and tested before shipping. So, allow IntelliPax to create tailor-made crates or boxes for your business. Come, let’s collaborate, communicate and curate fascinating packaging ideas!

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