Industrial packaging manufacturer and supplier company

IntelliPax was founded in the Heart of So-Cal as Orange County’s Premier Industrial Packaging Manufacturer.

With over 25 years of experience our packaging engineer group has a innovative deign that is cross functional, cost effective, environmentally sensitive leading the industry as new standard for excellence. Providing outstanding service and utilizing the latest materials and technologies with a can do attitude creating solutions for even the most challenging projects.

As part of our customer service, which makes us the best in the industry, IntelliPax includes a free packaging consulting service where we assist in evaluating your packaging needs, making recommendations for cost saving initiatives and having alternative packaging designs appropriate to your needs an budget .

IntelliPax is Your Intelligent Packaging Solution, exceeding your expectations while protecting your product, your reputation and your bottom line.

Our Mission

IntelliPax is here to build long-term relations, and that can only be achieved by offering the best products and the highest quality service. Not just quality, long-term relations require you to be available to help your customers so that they can trust you. We give our customers a lot of reasons to trust us.

Being Orange County’s Premier Industrial Packaging Manufacturer, IntelliPax is helping businesses in achieving their packaging goals by offering them customized packaging solutions. Our mission is to provide superior quality packaging solutions to our customers that are difficult to match for other packaging companies.

Our Vision

IntelliPax wants to become a one-stop solution for all your packaging needs, no matter which industry you belong to and how different your packaging requirements are.

Our aim is to meet our customers’ expectations and needs in terms of product quality and service. We want to become the number one packaging company in South California. We are here to help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

Currently, we offer packaging solutions that make your products look fantastic. Still, there are businesses that can’t afford our packaging. We want to offer affordable packaging solutions to those businesses that will help them reduce their shipping costs so that they can grow their profits.

How our packaging solutions are helpful to your business?

The packaging of a product is an important aspect as the product itself. We know this, and that’s why we come up with innovative packaging solutions. We have a solution for you whether you are from the aerospace industry, medical industry or any other industry. We’ve got you covered. Our packaging solutions are tested for quality and ensure the safe delivery of products to your customers.

We are here to help businesses in handling their unique packaging requirements with ease. We will make every single effort to build trust among our customers by offering additional services to packaging solutions. Those services could be serving as a distributor of packaging supplies to your shipping department.

We want to be different from other packaging companies

We follow a different approach than other packaging companies and treat each customer equally, whether you buy one piece of packaging a day or once a year. We give you the same attention you deserve. For us, customers are everything, and that’s why we treat every customer like the only customer we have. We will follow this trend in the years to come.

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